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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

UN becoming more meaningless

The by-passing of the UN by Bush and Blair in the case of the invasion and occupaton of Iraq was the start of the present philosophy of making the UN more meaningless.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was ILLEGAL, but who took notice of his statement.

The pressure on Iran based on a statement supposedly made by the Iranian President, which is merely a ploy of the western media to cause more chaos and create conditions of war, as in the case of Iraq, is again a show of how the UN has become totally worthless.

Finally, the resolution passed against Syria by the Security Council without any reference to either Syria or Lebanon, the two players involved, shows that the uselessness of the UN has beenfully achieved.

The delay in reforming the UN was just another step in the process.

If the UN is not moved IMMEDIATELY, it is better to shut it down as it is just a rubber stamp for the US and its cronies.


  • The statement "supposedly" made by the Iranian President? The man said what he said. We can all have different interpretations of what it means or how to respond but for you to deny it happened just makes you look silly.

    By Blogger BZTV, at 22:07  

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