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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sir Bob crying the wrong tune!

Sir Bob Geldof said after the UN Summit that took place yesterday that he felt "a sense of disappointment" because the UN gathering had originally been called to review progress on its Millennium Development Goals to tackle poverty and disease but had been "suborned" by other issues.

UN summit has failed Africa, says Geldof (By Andrew Grice in New York Published by The Independent: 16 September 2005)

Sir Bob singled out Canada, The Netherlands and Belgium for criticism but said other countries such as Britain, the United States and Japan could put "a little bit more in the pot".

There were two persons put in place to scuttle the entire Summit and the focus on aiding poverrty stricken nations, especially in Africa.

Both were Bush nominees. One was put there by even by-passing the US Senate Confirmation process. They are Paul Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank and the other was John Bolton as the US Ambassador to the UN.

By putting 750 items on the agenda just a few days before the final document for the summit was due to be released, Blair and Bush effectively made sure that the focus on the Millennium Development Goals was killed.

If what is reported is correct, it is my opinion that Sir Bob is one of the biggest fools that I have heard about. He was blind and could not see that the war criminals, the poodle and the pResident, had quite different an agenda to him, and strung him along to get the publicity and then dropped him like a hot potato at their convenience!!

Sing some more Sir Bob - and let us hear some more crocodile tears.


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