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Friday, August 26, 2005

Extinction of the UN

Here is a post by Reed Hunt

(Reed Hundt graduated from Yale College and Yale Law School, practiced law for 18 years, and served as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, 1993-97. Since that date, he has written and lectured about information sector politics, as well as served on various technology company boards.)

who was a classmate of John Bolton.

It talks about the goal of "extinction of the UN".

"He is the champion of long-held deeply sincere views of the right about the United Nations. The goal is the extinction of the organization;second place is its near-death; third is undermining it so severely as to make its existence irrelevant."

His recent start of the Civil War in the US State Department as described so brilliantly by Steve Clemons is adequate proof where John Bolton is headed.

Read also this in The Guardian today:

Bolton throws UN summit into chaos : Bush's envoy demands 750 changes to reorganisation plans by Julian Borger in Washington

Reason to act as quickly as possible to Move The UN!!


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