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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The two-facedness of Senator Norm Coleman

Writing on the likely recess appointment of John Bolton in The Sunday Times - World, July 31, 2005, Bush to defy Senate and send his man to the UN, Sarah Baxter, Washington noted:

One of the most persistent critics of the UN, Senator Norm Coleman, who chairs a congressional inquiry into the oil-for-food programme, said last week that the controversy over Bolton’s likely appointment would soon become irrelevant.

The bottom line, he said, was that Bolton had the confidence of the president. “He will speak for the president of the United States. He will speak for America.”

It would have been more appropriate if it had been written that "He will lie for America." That appears to be the norm of the Bush malAdministration!

Norm Coleman spoke so forthrightly about bringing British MP George Galloway to book for false testimony to his Senate Committee, where Senator Coleman was shown up to be a "fool" of the highest order. (See my blog entry below for Saturday July 30th 2005.)

But this same Senator does nothing when there is now evidence that John Bolton lied to another Committee on which Senator Coleman also sits.

This two-faced Senator should be kicked out of office by Minnesotans!!


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