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Monday, July 18, 2005

Online - Move the UN Petition

There is reference to a petition to Move the UN to Geneva at
Move the UN headquarters to Geneva - petition

author: brian
Welcome to the website of the Move United Nations Headquarters to Geneva! campaign. Due to the United States' crass violations of its obligations under the United Nations Charter in breaching peace and rejecting the world opinion by illegally attacking Iraq in March 2003, we believe that the United Nations should relocate its headquarters to Geneva until such time that the United States again expresses a willingness to abide by its obligations under the United Nations Charter.

This is both a petition drive as well as an active online lobbying effort. Given at the site is the written appeal to the United Nations to move its headquarters to Geneva. Following this is a "copy & paste" version which can be added to the body of any email client as well as a comprehensive list of email addresses to all United Nations Permanent Missions in New York and all the world's foreign ministries. The site encourages people to add their name to the petition, which is being maintained on this site, as well as to send email "copy & pasted" versions of this appeal to the Permanent Mission Organizations and foreign ministries of the world. The request is to join with them in calling on the United Nations to rebuke the United States for its illegal aggression against Iraq and the world!


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