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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

UN Reform - US SAYS NO

The US has been shouting about how the UN should be reformed and how repulsive John Bolton should be the one who should reform it. Meanwhile, the US House has decided to reduce and withold (House Backs Withholding Dues to Spur U.N. Changes By Mike Allen and Colum Lynch, Washington Post Staff Writers, Saturday, June 18, 2005) its funding till the UN is reformed.

And today's headline in the BBC News website is US opposes UN Council reform plan.

US is calling for just 2 new permanent seats, one being Japan, but with no veto powers. The G4 proposal put forward by Brazil, Germany, India and Japan, which is to add the G4 proposers with 2 additional members from the African continent, is what the US is rejecting!!

Hypocrisy is at its height here. The US is about to step up its blackmail strategy to ensure the two thirds vote in the General Assembly is not achieved - so watch this space.

The only solution lies in stepping up the call to Move The UN from the US!!


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