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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Kicking the UN out of US?

How I wish that Move America Forward would be more successful with their campaign to kick the UN out of the US.

They have only been able to collect a hundred thousand signatures after months and months of high profile effort.

(Remember the Congressman John Conyers Jr. collected over half a million signatures in just a week on the subject of the Downing Street Minutes - hence a hundred thousand by this group is hardly a significant number for this important subject!!)

If Move America Forward could play its part to get a responsible and acceptable Republican appointed as the US Ambassador to the UN, rather than this moron called John Bolton, then they may succeed in getting the UN moved out of the US.

Sadly, the group in charge at Move America Forward are blinded by their "loyalty" to the pResident that they cannot think or act logically to achieve one of their primary aims, one which would certainly benefit the world immensely.


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