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Friday, August 05, 2005

Move the UN to Haiti

One has to listen to Mike Malloy, America's greatest Talk Show Host, to know who or what is Neal Boortz. They both share the same physical space in Atlanta, Georgia, and they both share the same profession.

While Mike is God's gift to rational human beings, well, the less I say about Neal Boortz, the better.

In September 2004 he came up with the kooky idea NOW IS THE TIME TO IMPLEMENT MY IDEA

What idea? My idea for moving the United Nations out of New York and giving that miserable failure of an international body a chance to reform, dig in and prove itself.

Haiti is in absolute chaos. Tens of millions of dollars spent by the taxpayers of the United States, and the "government" of that country has shown itself to be completely unable to even cope with a hurricane. People are shooting each other for food.

Let's give Haiti to the UN. The Roman Catholic Church has the Vatican. Give the United Nations Haiti. Let Kofi move his headquarters to Haiti. There the UN could prove to the entire world once and for all that it has all the right ideas, methods and concepts on how to run a nation, how to care for people after disasters, and how to ensure human rights.

The UN is quite fond of telling us how things should be done. Give them Haiti. Let them show us instead of tell us.

Firstly, the UN is not the personal possession of Kofi Annan! Secondly, it is the US which has been in the driving seat with almost all the evil in place in the woirld and the biggest hurdle for the UN to take action to cure the problems of the world. Thirdly, it was the US which deposed the last elected representative of the people in Haiti.

The logic of Neal Boortz with even the simple idea of moving the UN to a respectable location cannot be accepted as he is according to Mike's description a ".........................


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