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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Repeating New Orleans around the world

Entry posted on TPM Cafe on Sep 12 2005

The plan of the Bush criminal gang is to cause a repeat of New Orleans around the world.

The way that John Bolton has been acting to make the UN ineffective as is discussed in the article in the Financial Times Envoys fight to keep UN reform package on track, by Mark Turner at the United Nations, Published: September 12 2005 03:00, it is obvious that what Bush, through his crony John Bolton, hopes to achieve is to create a New Orleans scenario around the world and to ensure that the UN is made powerless to act.

The US is pushing for fundamental reform to the way the UN is managed, by moving executive control from the General Assembly to the secretariat, but with tighter oversight and auditing.

So, if the US system was so efficient and so good, why did 9/11 take place and why has the New Orleans tragedy taken place.

Can John Bolton and George Bush lay the blame on the doorstep of the UN?

The only solution is to MOVE THE UN NOW!


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