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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Comment seen on Steve Clemons Blog

"Put me firmly in the camp that believes that the UN would be better off in a truly neutral country. For more than twenty years now powerful political elements in this country have used the fact that it is located here and that we pay a disproportionate amount of its operating expenses to attempt to strong-arm the institution. This dynamic feeds into this sense of exceptionalism that is at the heart of some of our worst foreign policy instincts. Reforms are definitely needed. But those reforms should be done in conjunction with a move to a truly neutral location and leveling of the funding mechanism. I'd also like to see either a large expansion or elimination of the security council, which is yet another reinforcer of exceptionalism.
Posted by SW at June 10, 2005 01:46 PM"

Fully agree with this, SW. Any idea of the possible location?

I am plumbing for one of the most beautiful spots on this globe - Kashmir!!


  • My main concern is, who wil cover the costs of the UN if not the US? Other nations have so far not been willing to step up. At the same time, the US has lost the moral mandate it needs to act as a real leader in UN reform, with the Iraq war, Guantanamo and other issues in the international spotlight. Its a real catch 22

    By Blogger milad, at 22:18  

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