Move The UN

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Finland supports UN Reform

Helsingin Sanomat, Finland's leading newspaper reported that Finland supports German and Japanese model for UN reform

"Finland has given its support to the expansion of the United Nations Security Council in the manner proposed by Germany, Japan, Brazil, and India. Under the model, the council would get six new permanent members which would not have a right to veto decisions in the way that the present five permanent members do.

In the model supported by Finland, the new permanent members would include the four sponsors of the initiative, as well as two African countries. Competing for the African seats are Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria."

Finland should go further and support the Move of the UN from the US if it really wants a reform that would have some meaning.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Blowing up the UN

Steve Clemons of the Washington Note blog has revealed what I have known for a long time.

The reason for Karl Rove to appoint John Bolton as the US Ambassador to the UN is to blow it apart so that the US can act as its will around the world without being burdened by UN resolutions!!

For confirmation read this blog entry in the Steve Clemons blog.

May 14, 2005
"Bolton Supporters Finally Get Honest: It's Not About Reforming the U.N. but Really about Blowing Up U.N. over North Korea and Iran" - by STEVE CLEMONS

Who is Steve Clemons?

Steven Clemons is publisher of the popular political blog,, and a long-term policy practitioner and entrepreneur in Washington, D.C. He is currently Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, where he was previously Executive Vice President. Clemons currently co-directs the New America Foundation's American Strategy Program with well-known foreign policy thinkers Sherle Schwenninger and Michael Lind.

Clemons specializes in U.S. foreign policy matters, with significant experience both in Asia-Pacific and transatlantic policy matters, as well as broad international economic and security affairs. Prior to his current position, Steve Clemons served as Executive Vice President of the Economic Strategy Institute. He has also served as Senior Policy Advisor on Economic and International Affairs to Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and was the first Executive Director of the Nixon Center and established it in Washington, D.C. Prior to moving to Washington, Clemons served for seven years as Executive Director of the Japan America Society of Southern California and co-founded with Chalmers Johnson the Japan Policy Research Institute, of which he is still Director.

Steve Clemons is a Member of the Board of the Clarke International Policy Center at Dickinson College, a liberal arts college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and founded in 1783. He also writes frequently on matters of foreign policy, defense, and international economic policy. His work has appeared in most of the major leading op-ed pages, journal, and magazines around the world.

Thanks Steve for confirming what I thought when I started this agitation to "Move the UN".